Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Change in this Blog

You may have noticed a change in this blog toward the more personal and the everyday happenings of our family here. Last year, my goal was to tell about what we were doing with Little Hands. We are in the process of getting the website up and running for the ministry and once that happens I hope to maintain another blog specifically for Little Hands. When we were home this past winter, I kept hearing from family and friends that they just wanted to know that we were ok, still alive, and not carried off by a giant sized cockroach. (One of which we just killed on our bed! GROSS!) So, this year I hope to post more often, maybe everyday about whatever was on the menu, or about the biggest bug of the day, or my latest kitchen disaster. :) I will still try to keep people informed about what's going on here at Little Hands, hence the previous post. But the majority of this blog will be about our family, hence the next post.


j said...


I love hearing updates on both your family and the ministry :) Thanks for sharing your life experiences with us!

God bless,

Janel said...

I'm so glad to be hearing more from you. :)

As for the backdated post... When you have the post open to publish, choose the link for "post options" on bottom left of the main text box. That will let you change the time and date you post it on. :)

If you choose a future date and hit "publish" (verses "save now") it will automatically post it to your blog on the time and date specificed without you doing another thing.