Thursday, March 12, 2009

Prayer Request

Last week Brian's dad had a surgery done to correct a problem with the vertebrae in his neck. It was supposed to be a very safe procedure and we had hoped that the results would improve Dad's quality of life. Well, long story short, instead of making things better, something else happened, the doctors don't know what yet, and he lost his ability to move his arms and legs. Yesterday morning they told Mom that this condition might be permanent. We immediately started looking for a plane ticket for Brian. Because of where we are in Honduras, we can't make it home in less than a day and half. After we got the ticket, we kept e-mailing and calling to check on how Dad was doing. By yesterday morning, they could see that he had regained some movement in his legs, which we hoped was a sign of good things to come. Brian had already taken the 1am bus to San Pedro Sula. After a six hour bus trip, he made it to the airport and flew out around noon. It wasn't a non-stop flight, but he was able to get in to Boston earlier than we had hoped. A friend picked him and after an hour long car trip, he was at his mom's house. This morning they will go to the hospital which is another hour and a half drive farther north to be with Dad.
Please pray that tomorrow they will see much more progress/alot more movement in Dad's arms and legs. Pray for peace and comfort for all of us. Back here in Honduras, the kids and I miss "the leader of our herd"(as Faith says) but we are glad that he is with Grammy and Gumpy. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and skilled minds and hands if they need to operate again.
In the midst of all this going on with our family, we have had a group here from ACU. It has been great that Mark and Brenda were able to help Jeffery with the group after Brian left. They pulled out early in the morning. It is always great to have people here, but I have to confess I am looking forward to a little quiet time today.
Please cover our family in prayer during this difficult time. I'll try to keep you posted.

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Linda J. said...

Know that I and my extended family are praying for all of you.