Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Annoying Men Repellent

One of the ladies that came a few weeks ago received some unwanted attention from a male fellow passenger who assumed her bare ring finger meant she was available. She hadn't worn her wedding band since it is welded to her diamond. After the annoying incident on the plane, she was very interested in finding a ring to declare herself off limits! Faith and I had been making jewelry the weekend before and we made a very colorful, almost gaudy ring. When we were in the states over Christmas, my sister-in-law let me borrow some of her books and that is where I got this idea. When I found out about a need for an engagement/wedding ring look alike, I got the jewelry supplies back out and fashioned this:

It's not perfect. In fact if you look very close you can see how crooked the beads are.
But I was pleased with the results and our new friend was thankful and wore it all the time she was here.


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

It is gorgeous and she was so so thankful!! and I looked closely and noticed not one flaw, it is perfect and just lovely! Really...THANK YOU! Just another way you find to help and serve using your talents! :-)

j said...

Cute story! And Pretty ring!