Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yesterday I spent a good part of the day sewing. I worked on a pair of pants for Darwin who will be attending the Christian school in town and so needs new pants for his uniform. (Darwin is Rebin's brother. Rebin has Cerebral Palsy and Little Hands helps their family with nutrition, medicine, transportation to and from better medical care in the big cities, and a limited amount of physical therapy.) Generous donors from the states are making it possible for Darwin to get a good education, including Biblical instruction. Anyway, the fabric was possibly the nastiest stuff I have ever sewn...a heavy 100% polyester dark green woven. How would you like to wear that everyday to school in this heat with no AC? I think it will wear well though...nothing like plastic fabric to withstand repeated washings at the pila. It was hard on me to sew a pair of dress pants without a serger to finish the seams. I even had to make the button hole by hand since the ancient machine I was using didn't have that capability. They came out fine, but don't look inside...all those messy seams with old fashioned zig-zag to keep the fabric from fraying!

I also made some things for us. We needed a curtain that covers the whole window in the bedroom after we took the old AC out of there. I also made a curtain to go under the counter Brian built in our "kitchen" to cover up the open shelves. I made a "baggit" thingy to hold extra bags from shopping and sewed a shirt for Rachel. And lastly, I made a dog bed. In a place where alot of people don't even have beds, I am a little embarrassed to say our dog now has a comfy place to sleep. But I was really tired of him digging up my pots and spreading the dirt all around the porch for a bed. So, all in all I felt like I got some thing accomplished yesterday!

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Linda J. said...

What a day of accomplishment! Wow! You were busy! I am praying for you all and of course for Joe and Diana as well.