Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brian's Home and Dad's Doing Well

Just a quick note to say thanks for your prayers. Brian and the group he was traveling with got here in time for a late pizza supper. (Pizza is our standard guest food; everyone likes it and my family is always happy to see that on the menu.) Their trip was as uneventful as driving on Honduran roads can be!
After a number of examinations, the doctors still cannot understand what is going on inside Brian's father. However, we seem to have turned the corner. He has more range of motion in his legs and feet as well as in his arms. He is still very weak but the doctors are very encouraged and so is Mom. His doctor thinks that the worst is over. He had a good day today and several visitors and I know that that was a boost for them. Dad is a real people person and you can always find a party when he is part of the mix! The doctor says they will spend the next few days weaning him off the steroids and other meds. Pray that he will continue to make progress. We are praising God for every step toward full recovery.


j said...

So glad to hear Brian's dad is improving and that Brian made it "home" safe and sound! Pizza sounds yummy! :)

take care,

VOH said...

We are so glad to hear that Brian is back with you guys in Trujillo,but even more so glad that his dad is doing better. Please know that you all have been in our prayers continously and we will continue to lift you all up to our precious Lord.

We miss you guys so much! We are so thankful for your sacrifice and for the wonderful work that you do to share the love of Christ with those in Honduras. We pray blessings over your family and your ministry!

Hope to see you some time this summer. Kiss all the kiddos and tell them we said hello. Much love to all.

Serving Him,
Hope & Grant