Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update on Dad

Yesterday the MRI showed that Dad's spinal cord is no longer swollen and comfortable cushioned by fluid. That is good, but the bad news is now the doctors don't know why he isn't able to move as much as he could the day before. They will be doing more tests today to try to figure out what is causing the problems now.
Brian starts his trip back to us today. Lord willing, he will get here Saturday evening. Today is Father's Day in Honduras and the kids are wishing their daddy was here. We will all be glad to see him. We've missed him, but I'm glad he was able to spend this time with this parents during this hard time.
We are fine here and still seeing God's protective shield around us. This morning I dropped the dish drainer half full of clean Corell dishes right on my foot. You know the unbreakable kind that when they do break, they shatter like glass. My flip-flops and the entire floor were full of shards. I have a few tiny cuts, but nothing bad. Thank you Lord!
Thank you for praying for us all. Please continue to pray for safety for Brian as he travels and for healing for his dad.


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

do you need me to bring dishes? Let me know!! not sure how many I could get in, but I can try!! Thankful you are okay! We, and our entire congregation, continue to pray for Brian's father and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, Sara and family from NH! It was good to see you last Sunday at Riverside, Brian. We are praying fervantly for Joe and your mom, along with you and your whole family. It must be tough to be so far away from them at this time, but God is taking care of know that. May His peace sustain you through each day and may He watch over and protect each of you as you continue to serve Him there. God bless...Pam & Dennis Desilets