Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update on Dad

Brian's Dad has been moved out of the special care unit into a regular room. The spinal drain and all but one IV have been removed. He is very slowly regaining movement in his legs, and has feeling in his arms. Any progress has been in baby steps. The doctor says that he should recover from the paralysis, but it could take 4 months. Hopefully he will be ready to move to rehab center early next week. Pray that Dad will recover faster than the Dr's predict. Pray for Mom as she tries to find a good rehab place and that their insurance will not make it difficult for them to make sure Dad is getting the best possible care. This is Brian's last day with his parents before he starts the return trip back to Honduras. Pray that he will have time to spend with Mom and Dad and get everything packed and ready to go.
Update: When Brian and his mom got to the hospital today, they had moved Dad back to the ICU because he has a fever and is less responsive. They are doing another MRI and plan to raise his blood pressure again. That did help with the swelling in the spinal cord last week. Depending on what they say, Brian may need to change his travel plans.

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d.j. iverson said...

Hola Sara and family!

I'm absolutely planning on heading back down there, I'm just not sure when. I just started with a new church, and one of my goals is to get a mission trip down there. As soon as I can start making plans I definitely want to visit. Even if I can't get a group together, I may just visit myself.

Tell the kiddos I said hola, and any time they want to visit they have a church home here in San Diego. Actually, we could really use some spanish speakers!

Also, tell Jeffrey I said hola. I'm not great at keeping in touch, but let him know I have his jersey hanging up in my office. I look forward to hanging out with him and the family someday soon. I'm sure baby Jack is huge by now!

Lastly, I don't know if you ever saw all of our pics from our trip, but there were some great ones with the fam. If not, I'll post some for you up here.

one love, one heart.