Monday, March 16, 2009

Praise for Safety

Today at lunchtime, I was planning to warm up some leftovers for the kids here in our apartment. Usually we eat lunch with the workers and Little Hands staff down at the big house, but today I had a bad migraine and wanted to rest. I thought it would be easier to just warm up something here. Well, easy turned out to be scary and in the end a good lesson about God's protective hands. I have always had trouble lighting the oven and today was no exception. After the first match went out, I lit a second one. And that is when it happened. Apparently when I thought the gas was off, it was still leaking into the oven and the second I lit that match it exploded with a big fire ball and a sound like a gunshot. I picked myself up off the floor and ran out to the porch with the kids behind me. We cried and thanked God for keeping us safe. I cringe to think of what could have happened. The kids were sitting at the table right next to the stove when it went off. I don't know how I wasn't seriously burned. We praise God for keeping us all safe. I asked Johnny to come and help me put the stove back together. I won't use the oven again until Brian comes home...maybe never again! So thank you, to all of you who regularly petition God to keep us safe in the hollow of His hands. Today we saw that first hand.

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The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

oh girl...I'm just reading over the last few posts and I've not been on in a while....
You know we are praying for you!!
I so look forward to seeing you later this week (WOW...that's SOON!) Perhaps we can plan a girls evening by the pool :-)