Monday, March 16, 2009

Clarification and Update on Dad

I'm afraid that my last post wasn't very clear about has happened with Brian's dad. We are trying to fit together the pieces of what we know in order to get a clear picture. The following is what Brian wrote to send out to our prayer partners. I think it will help clarify past events and help you pray more specifically.

Dad had a successful surgery on his spine last Tuesday and was recovering well. He was moved to another hospital last Saturday to recover and, for a few days, was making good progress. He was moving his arms freely, feeding himself, and beginning to walk. On Monday morning he woke up and could not move at all. Nobody is sure what happened. Scans show that his spinal cord is swollen, causing this paralysis. Dad is on a course of steroids to reduce the swelling. They installed a drain in the spine to reduce pressure. they are also elevating his blood pressure to promote more oxygen to the affected area. He was placed in ICU last Wednesday and yesterday was moved to a special care unit because he was progressing. As of today, Sunday, Dad can move his legs better at times but this progress is inconsistent. He is gaining strength in his left hand and can pick up his left arm about an inch off of the bed. So far no movement in the right arm or hand. We are hoping to speak with the doctor tomorrow in order to come up with a plan. There is talk of moving him into a regular recovery room tomorrow. Progress is
very difficult to see. There is no way he can come home right now. So far the doctors anticipate a very slow recovery. Please pray for healing in Dad's body and for a quick recovery. For wisdom in dealing with all of the decisions that are looming. Also pray for safety as we travel back and forth each day. Pray for Sara and the kids as I am away from them. That He would keep them safe and provide all that they need. Most importantly, that we would see how to bring glory to God in all of this.

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j said...

Hi Sara. Thank you for the update. We're keeping the whole family in our prayers while you go through this difficult time. I'm so glad to hear that Brian made it back to the states without any problems. I'm sure his mom is thrilled to have him home.
This weekend was the youth group's snow camp. We had a great time. Our main focus was on teaching the teens Bible study methods, which I think went well! Now we're looking forward to the warmer weather...

Keeping you in thoughts and prayers,