Friday, March 6, 2009

Mark and Brenda/First Group

This week has flown by! Mark and Brenda Young, who started this mission, are here for a visit from the states. We've spent some time talking and planning for this coming year. It's been fun to exchange stories and compare notes. Our kids have really enjoyed some time with this couple who they view as part of our extended family.
The rest of our time has been eaten up with getting things ready for our first group of 2009. Brian and Jeffery are in San Pedro Sula tonight. The group will get in tomorrow and they all will be back here in Trujillo Sunday morning for church, Lord willing.
I think everything is ready. Brian and Jonathan built another bunk bed for the dorm and the new septic tank is finished. Tomorrow, Maybelline and I will make all the beds and make sure everything is in order. If their lucky, the ACU students will even have vases of flowers to welcome them. (The kids pick flowers/weeds and fill old glass coke bottles. Tropical weeds are much better looking than plain old regular weeds like we have back home in the states!)
We're all looking forward to meeting and spending time with more of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray that this week will be a life changing experience for the ACU students and that we can be an encouragement to them and they to us!


Carolee/Steve said...

Hi Sweets,
Glad things are moving along! Still on USA time, eh? :-) We will keep Brian, Jeffrey and the group in prayer as they travel.
We'd all love to have some pictures too. I know you'll be busy with the group - I pray that it is an encouraging time for all of you.
Carolee xox

Jayna said...

Hi Sara.

Just wanted to let you know we're praying, praying, praying for Brian's family and, of course, for all of you!

Glad to hear the first group visit is going well for you. Hope things continue to go well.