Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grilled Pizza

It took our families alot of trouble to get a small gas grill down here to us, but we've decided that all that effort was worth it! (At least to us!) In our small three room apartment, we don't have a full kitchen, just a hot plate. So last Friday when pizza night rolled around, we couldn't bake it unless we went down to the big house where the kitchen is. I had read about grilling pizza and we decided to give it a try. It was the BEST pizza we have ever made! First I made 8-10" crusts about a fourth of an inch thick. I squished them out on wax paper because I don't have a rolling pin, but if you have one and you use alot of flour, you can make nice crusts that don't stick to the paper. Then I made sure all the toppings were ready. Brian heated the grill to med/high and we gently slid the crusts off the paper and laid them on the grill two at a time. After three minutes they were nicely browned. Working quickly we flipped them over and spread sauce, cheese and other toppings. Brian turned the heat down low and shut the lid to bake them another three minutes or until they looked done. The result was FANTASTIC! This method was much faster and alot less painful than fighting with the ancient gas stoves in the big kitchen. And you can't beat the grilled flavor. You all should try it! Now that Spring is there, go out and grill yourself some pizza!


Kelly & Cyle said...

Love the updates, Sara. Glad to hear the fire only added excitement but no damage. And the pizza sounds yummy! We'll be talking about our wonderful experience with you this coming Sunday. -K+C

Janel said...

The pizza sounds yummy. I'm glad to hear that there are bright spots. :)

Amy said...

WOW!!!!!! You are AMAZING! I've got to try this! Looks like we may spend at least some of our time off the grid so anything that can be baked instead of grilled will be perfecto, can't wait to try it out!