Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Group #1

We had our first group here for a short term trip the end of March/beginning of April. It was a time of encouragment for us. Brian was very busy with most of the responsibility of running things, but even with the added busyness, it was a great time. Everyone in the group had a good attitude and there wasn't any complaining. They worked on a lunch room for a local school, a few projects around here,various things to help out the church, and taught the neighborhood Bible class. We loved singing in English with them and spending time with others from home! Every person brought thier own talents and gifts and everyone was able to contribute to the work here. They were such a blessing to us; we were sad to see them go! In the future, other groups will have big shoes to fill because we felt like this group couldn't have been better!


Kelly & Cyle said...

We miss you all so much Sara, Brian and kids! You are in our prayers daily. Please include us on your prayer email list. We secretly (not) left our email address in the book we signed and left! hugs and prayers for you all! -Kelly

Janel said...

Sorry to hear about Dad. I hope and pray all is well.

Miss you!