Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day of the Worker

Hi everybody! Sorry to not be posting much. I've been wanting to, just been to busy. On Friday we celebrated the Day of the Worker and had a cook out at the beach for the workers. It was a hot, but lovely day and we all enjoyed ourselves. Most of the kids have a little sunburn on thier faces, but nothing to bad. The cookout was very Honduran. We started late. The workers were even later. Some didn't even come! The chicken had been marinating for days and was SO delicious. We also had chimol (like salsa), frijoles (beans), and tortillas. The chicken was in large pieces so at the picnic site, we had to hack it up into smaller chunks with the world's dullest knife, while raw meat juice sprayed everywhere. The kids played in the water and sand for hours. Mayra and her entire family arrived by motorcycle. One motorcycle, two adults, and three kids. As I said before it was all very Honduran and quite nice. There are many things that we just didn't do at home in the states, that here, are just normal and expected. And I guess we are adapting because we had a lovely time and all those "weird" things are just ok by us. ( I have to admit...I do still struggle with the chicken juice. I have a ways to go, I guess!)

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