Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Communication with all of you back in the states or the lack there of has been a major problem for us. The past few week have been busy and we've had almost no oppurtunity to use the interent. Brian's dad fell down stairs and was in the hospital for almost a week before his mom was able to contact us. This is unacceptable to me!!! Please pray that we will find a better way to keep in touch. We are borrowing a modem from a friend for the next few weeks. What a luxury! We are looking forward to being able to use that everyday. In the meantime, please pray that we will be able to get our own soon! (While you are praying, please lift up Brian's parents. It looks Dad will be coming home soon, possibly today. Praise God!) Because we will have this one for a while I hope to post often and share the pictures that we've been taking! And I hope to finally get our e-mail prayer list up and running again. Lord willing, I'll be posting again soon! Until then...Adios!

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