Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're Here!

We're in San Pedro Sula, Honduras! This is our second night here. I feel like it's been too busy to write or we're still so exhausted that when we finally get kids to bed, we're just want to head there ourselves! We've been busy, but I'm not sure what we've gotten done. We're getting a real taste of how SLOWLY things happen here!
It's not to hot. Don't tell the kids that. They don't know what it will be like. We've been in AC most of the time and it really hasn't been that bad outside. So far, the kids are loving it here. We've seen lots of lizards and the grounds here at the hotel are very nice; pool, small playground, and paths through beautiful plants.
Tomorrow we are planning to drive to Trujillo, but the rental van's AC doesn't work. They are to come to the hotel in the morning and either fix it or give us another van. We'll see! Pray that they can fix it fast and that we'll be on out way before eleven.
So much to write, but I can't keep my eyes open and I still have other things to do before I can go to bed!


Janel said...

Yeaaaah! I've been hoping all is well. Been praying for you.


Carolee said...

Hello Sunshine! It's so good to hear from you! I got your email too - sounds like its Brian thats sick? We're praying for you all. I'll be thinking of you on that long bumpy road today! Is it the season for lechas?? I bet the kids will LOVE those!!! Miss you lots, love Carolee

Amy said...

Wonderful to hear from you!!! Praying, and Missing, and Loving all of you :-) Hugs all around :-)

breischs said...

SO glad to see you all got there safely. Been waiting daily to hear from you guys. Miss you so much. Hope things are going well for you guys, I know major changes and adjustments going on. We pray for you daily. Bri- I have been e-mailing you a lot. It makes me feel like I am talking to you. LOL. Miss those talks, brother. Well, hope to hear from you all soon. We love you.

MARIO ANDRE 100%Zeca said...

Hi, Sara...
It was such a relief to hear you say that you are all alive and well! we were so concerned after Brian's first phone casll to his folks!
How wonderful that God sent you another Christian American couple...what an encoragement that must be to all of you!
Please know that New Hope is upholding you in prayer constantly...we'll be awaiting further news!
God bless,
Luci Albertson