Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well, I better hurry up and write this before its not today anymore. We did get things done today, and we are feeling the crunch more and, big surprise here...I'm starting to get weepy!
  • This morning I made a batch of granola. It felt good to cook for my family again. We've been living on take-out and meals sent over from church friends.
  • A dear friend came and helped Brian fill more tubs and worked on laundry. (A task only a dear friend would do!) We don't have as much space as we thought so we will be doing some picking and choosing what goes and stays tomorrow. We also packed away more books off the shelves in the living room. (We are moving our things out of the first floor so the renters can use those rooms.)
  • I sewed a little on Rachel's swimsuit.
  • We moved more stuff out of our bedroom. (Also has to be cleared for the renters.)
  • I worked on packing up my beads and supplies to take with us. I hope to use some of that for a class of crafts for the ladies in Honduras.
  • We had conference call with Mark and Brenda, the missionaries that started Little Hands to discuss what comes next and pray. I'm so glad to have some one who has been there before to give us some direction. So glad for the bond we have in Christ with them.

So, we're exhausted. I feel good about the day and I'm trying to remind myself Who is really in charge here. He is working and bringing it all to pass. I am thankful!

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Janel said...

Aaah. Don't cry! I'll cry too and that would be bad.

Praying! God is soooo much bigger than your remaining To Do list.