Saturday, February 9, 2008


Time's flying by! The same kids that have been saying to me for weeks, "Can't we go now!?" are saying, "I wish it wasn't so soon!" We're all getting anxious for this part to be done. Today we had alot of help. My brother came over to back-up the computers. He got here before we were awake. We hit the ground running and didn't stop! A group from church came right after breakfast and they moved mountains...of boxes and furniture. It's looking really bare around here! At one o'clock we went next door for an open house. It was really nice to spend the afternoon with friends and family. We feel so blessed by so many people that God has brought into our lives. The last family left about seven. We got a little more done here tonight. It's coming together. We're still (or constantly tired,) but we're seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, Lord!


Amy said...

wha-hooo for progress!!

Janel said...

Reality is such a cruel friend.

I hope you got some rest last night!