Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Today I felt like we got something done!
  • Took the girls for shots and a checkup. Poor Faith ended up getting four! She was very brave and didn't fuss. (I fell on our slippery porch steps on the way out the door, landing on my backside and arm. I'm feeling it tonight. Ouch! I am thankful that I wasn't hurt badly!)
  • A friend came over and he and Brian packed seven tubs. Wahoo! (Our checked luggage is twelve, eighteen-gallon rubbermaid tubs. They will hold the bulk of our belongings.) After months of careful choosing and stockpiling of the bare neccessities that we think we'll need in Honduras, I am SO excited to finally get them in the tubs ready to go! So far it looks like we're doing great on space. Mostly due to a superior packing job on Brian and Steve's part! While the guys worked on that, I packed several carry-ons with things we don't want in the tubs and oversaw Jonathan's packing of his treasures, (mostly the essential legos).
  • Moved two dressers out of our room into the girls' room to make way for the renters.
  • Had supper with Grammie and Gumpy, Brian's parents. We're taking anytime we can to be with family.
  • Wiped Andrew's nose nine hundred times, at least! All the kids have bad colds. We're praying that the boys won't have fevers tomorrow, so they can finish up thier shots.


Amy said...

love you, love you, love you :-) An Amazing amount of progress!!

Janel said...

I'm glad to hear that you're getting a lot of stuff done! :)

Praying all goes well.