Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Today has been a harder day to rejoice always!
  • Took boys to Dr. for physicals and all the perscriptions we might need in the next nine months in a third world country. This took all morning and I spent forever on the phone this afternoon and tonight trying to straighten out things with the insurance company. I am so thankful that the guy that called back from there seems to be on my side and is really trying to be helpful.
  • Worked on packing vitamins, meds and first aid stuff, and a zillion other liquids sealed in zip lock bags.

I guess that's it. Not much to show for the day. Brian is feeling down with the kid's bad cold and I'm still fighting a migraine, so we haven't been at our best today. I have to remind myself that here is God showing Himself strong. His strength is perfected in my weakness!

I wasn't thinking about what Brian got done today... our taxes are filed! A major weight off our shoulders. Brian does them every year and he is so careful about doing it all right. Usually it's somewhat stressful and this week hasn't been an exception! So glad it's done! Brian took care of a few other loose ends.

I am hoping for a better day tomorrow!


Amy said...

grimace, so sorry the day hasn't been a great one. Amazing all the things you've accomplished! Praying tomorrow is blessed and that things go smoothly!

love you so very much ~

p.s. I got Friday off :-)

Janel said...

PRAYING for a better day today. :)

I feel your pain. We did the dentist thing yesterday.

I almost stopped in around 11-11:30 just to say hi and give hugs, but decided against it. I see you had your hands full.