Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on Dad

We have been getting more bad news about Dad this week. First the doctors told Mom that they think that the nerve endings are not making the connections in his brain and that the damage is most likely permanent. This is very discouraging. Because he is not showing any signs of progress, they are saying he will have to leave Spaulding soon. Where he will go next is unknown. The next blow was when Mom told us that Dad isn't speaking much any more. We cannot tell if this is because he won't or can't. We suspect that what ever isn't working right in his brain is also effecting his speech. But once again, the doctors are perplexed and don't have any help to offer.
Please pray for Dad and Mom and for the rest of the family. We are organizing a special prayer time on this coming Sunday, where we hope to have people all across Honduras and the US praying together at the same time for healing for Dad. More details to come on that.

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Viktoria said...

Sara, Our prayers are with you and your family, especially on Sunday