Sunday, April 26, 2009

Praise for Dad's Improvement

Dear friends,
I thank you so much for your prayers together this day. I was moved by the thought that we were all praying together at the same time. That so many others cared enough to petition God on behalf of my Dad because of their concern for my family. It is a humbling and overwhelming thought and I am especially grateful for the blessing of the Body of Christ in this day.I spoke with my Mom just a few moments ago to get an update. She said that my father had a really good day today. She said there was a big change in his attitude and in his speech. He still is not moving much at all. But over the past week he has been declining to the point that he has not been talking. When they put him into a wheelchair he would have even more difficulty speaking and would fall asleep almost immediately. Today, they got him out of bed and he started joking with the nurses. Those of you who know my Dad understand his way with people. They put him into the chair and he stayed awake all day and talked and joked for the rest of the day as well. And as for the timing? They didn't get him out of bed until about 11:30, which is when his attitude began to change. By the time he was up and my mother and brothers got there to see him at 12:30 he was talking and joking. His nurse even made a comment about what a difference she saw in him so quickly! Mom said that he was back to his old self again in terms of his attitude and speech. We praise God for this. I feel like my father had gotten depressed and had given up. God has obviously spoken to his heart through all of your prayers. We are thankful and continue to pray that God will bring about healing to his body in such a way as to Glorify God. We pray that this infection that has plagued him for these weeks will go away. That his muscles will become more flexible and that he will begin to be able to move. That he will be able regain his bodily processes and walk and talk and move naturally. That God will fill him with hope and words of testimony of God's greatness that he can share with all that he meets. That he will glorify God in all that happens and point to his greatness and goodness. And we pray all these things in Jesus Name. Will you continue to pray with us? Will you praise God together with us for this good day?


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j said...

Thanks for the update! So glad to hear he is improving! Prayer really is amazing. Keep us posted!

in Christ,