Saturday, April 25, 2009

Special Prayer Request

Please join us Sunday April 26th at Noon EST, in a time of prayer for Brian’s dad, Joe. Many of you know that Joe has been struggling since his surgery. The surgery that he had was supposed to be simple. A month and half later, Dad is still laying in a bed. Nobody seems to know what happened or how to fix it. The therapists at the rehab hospital told my Mom that the nerve endings are not making a connection with the brain. They are not sure if this will ever happen. They will have to send him to a permanent nursing facility or back home maybe in just a few days.

I ask you to pray that God would be glorified in whatever happens next. Selfishly I want to pray for a complete healing - AND I FULLY BELIEVE THAT GOD CAN DO THIS. I also believe that the most important thing is that God accomplish His purpose for each of us- AND I SUBMIT MYSELF TO HIS WILL. It is very hard right now to discern what that means for us. We are at a point of decision concerning our future and there is so much conflict. For this reason, I believe that this decision is very important. And I am torn.

I can't tell you how to pray. But it is important that we do pray. Would you please join us in praying this Sunday? Please also spread the word, and ask other believers to pray for my Dad on Sunday April 26th at Noon EST.

Thank you for joining us in this effort.

Brian Bilodeau

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Kelly said...

We got to talk with Mark & Brenda this weekend as we were in Wenatchee for their daughter, Amber's wedding. In addition to this blog we talked about all that has been going on with you. We are offering you, your family, Brian's parents and Maybeline & Jeffrey our continued prayers and love and support. We pray especially that Satan's work will be revealed as such and God's Glory will CONTINUE to shine in how you serve the children and families in Honduras.