Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update on Vanessa

By the end of last week, it seemed like we were really making progress and that Vanessa was learning and willing to work hard at taking care of herself and her baby. But over the weekend and yesterday morning, it became obvious that she is very much deceived by the older man who is the father of the baby. After treating her with contempt last week, he has sweet talked her right back to the place we are trying so hard to help her escape from. She thinks he will give her the moon and then some and cannot see how he continues to take advantage of her. We had a long difficult discussion with her and now it is up to her to make wise choices. Please pray that this week Vanessa will see what a snake this man is and that she will commit to live her life in a way that not only is pleasing to God, but also will be the best for herself and for baby Rosa.


j said...

Praying that God will draw her close to him and give her the strength to make the right decisions! Thanks for the update! Keep us posted!

kelly said...

Don't get discouraged as sometimes gardens take lots of tending before you see the beauty God has in store to reveal and share.