Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Reading

I have waited for years to read the Chronicles of Narnia to our kids. We started reading aloud after supper when we still lived in the states and while good books are a very rare commodity in this third world country, we have tried to carry on the tradition here as well. Actually, we import all the books we read and that has made us cut back considerably! For a family that was used to getting 30-40 books at the library at a time, having only a few great books to savor together has made us really appreciate the ones we do have! Now that the kids are so grown up, we decided it was time to explore Narnia together! We just finished, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". Last Sunday afternoon, we sat around in our screen porch and listened as Brian read.

After each chapter, we pause and talk about what we read. We've enjoyed some really insightful and humorous comments by the kids. They are enjoying these times as much as we are and we're all looking forward to the next book.
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Larry Manypenny said...

Until now I didn't know families still read together in this fashion. It brings my heart joy to hear this.
God Bless,

Amy said...

Precious memories and such sweet pictures :-) LOVE YOU ALL

j said...

this is so sweet. My family used to read together, too, and I hope we can continue the tradition once our little one finally arrives! Love the post. Thanks for sharing :)


Kely said...

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!