Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meeting of the Families

Today we had a special meeting for the families of the children with special needs that this ministry serves. It took several hours to get everyone here but it was well worth the effort. Jeffery and several others spoke trying to motivate the parents to make the most out of the help they receive from Little Hands by doing their part. It was a time of encouragement as mothers with children with similar disabilities were able to share with one another.

Roxanna and a helper had 27 kids in the preschool while the meeting took place. It was a busy place!

Mayra made Arroz Con Pollo for 70 people.

Some of the "little hands". (There wasn't room around the table for everyone!)

Here's the group photo, more to follow later.
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Carolee/Steve said...

Oh! What a special day! I wish I could have been there! We'll continue to keep these families in our prayers. And your family as well!
love and miss you,

Amy said...

So precious! Amazing you were able to capture such great pictures amidst all the business, great job!

Rachael Melhorn said...
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Linda J. said...

Wow! That must have been such a special day! How exciting to see so many of the Little Hands all together! Thank you for your ministry to these special ones.