Sunday, November 16, 2008

Samuel and Johnny

I don't have much...but here's what I know.
Rosa was able to take Samuel to a specialist in Le Cieba. We haven't heard the outcome of that visit or if they were able to learn more from the tests that were scheduled when we left.
Johnny wasn't able to give blood to his brother because he, (Johnny) is anemic. We don't know what condition the brother is in now.
Please continue to pray for Johnny, Rosa, and their children.


Pablo y Raquel said...

Sara. did you guys hear that 10 are missing after a boat capsized at the Aqua Amarilla bridge area? Alfonso posted it on my facebook. So so sad. Just wanted you guys to know for sure as I knew you'd want to be praying for the famalies affected.
Hope you are enjoying every moment of your furlough...I know you are!

Jayna said...

Sara and family --
we're looking forward to hearing more updates soon! Hope your stay in the states was nice and you were able to accomplish everything you wanted to. We wish we could have visited with you, but understand that you were very very busy and in high demand! :)
We're praying for you!

God bless,

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