Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Our Way Back!

Well, so much for writing fabulous stories and posting wonderful pictures while we were home! We are one our way back to Honduras and should arrive there tomorrow about lunch time, Lord willing. We are in Houston for the night. Once again we are carrying our limit plus some for luggage. I do have to say though, that after all the traveling we did last year, the kids have really learned to be experts at this and have done very well, even hauling their share of the the stuff. So...we'll be in touch...hopefully before three months have passed!


Anonymous said...

Brian and Sara and family: I am sorry that I did not get to talk with you before you left, but rest assured that you are all in my prayers. I just know that God has great things in store for you in the coming months in the Honduras! It was wonderful having you all back to NH and hearing your report. It's exciting to be a small part of what you are doing there. God bless! Pam Desilets

Janel said...

So much for stealing you and going to the fabric store before you left! I want an appointment for early December then. :) Mark your calendar...


oh and e'hem... Twitter and Twhirl. You know, like you have time while you're waiting. ;)

Carolee/Steve said...

Hello Sunshine,
I miss you guys already! Praying you all through each step of the way. Let us know when you make it to Trujillo
Hugs and kisses to all,
love Carolee

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Have a safe unadventurous trip!!
I will actually be down in March and hope to touch base!
the new picture is beautiful by the way!