Saturday, November 1, 2008

Clear Skies

The rain stopped and the sun was even out briefly. There is a warm breeze and things are drying out. The flooding in Trujillo went down during the night and things are looking good. We heard that to road to Tacoa is open to small trucks but not the buses and heavier traffic. But, since we can't see for ourselves, we can't be sure of the condition of the road. We are frustrated with all the mis-information we get and don't have a way to get any trustworthy news. We haven't heard from the shelter and don't know if they need more help or not. We do have plenty of staples to make more soup if necessary.
Last night, we didn't have any water. We filled several large tubs during the night by collecting rainwater off the roof. This morning Brian was able to find and fix the problem so we now have flushing toilets and water for washing.
Thanks for all your prayer support. God is answering our plea for clear skies and things are looking good!


Jayna said...

So glad to hear the rain stopped! We are praying for you! Thanks for all the updates. It's hard to imagine the living conditions there... It is so awesome to hear how you are able to serve the people you are around. I'm sure you're a great blessing to them. Reading your post about Ruth was amazing, mainly because your godly spirit is shining through and praising Him even through difficult circumstances.

God bless,

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Saying prayers of thanks!