Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Road and More Storms

Brian did some more investigating and found another option for us when we plan to leave Honduras next week. There is another road that goes to Tacoa in a round about way; it is much longer and bumpier. And it also has two bridges that were damaged, but they are smaller and more easily repaired. So we are hopeful that we will be able to leave as planned.
Please pray that a big storm front moving our way goes north and doesn't dump large amounts of rain on already soggy Honduras.

A few updates:
  • The shelter sent everyone home. The water has come down in most places.
  • Brian was able to meet the man organizing help for communities cut off by the water. Hector, Brian and Jonathan were able to get food to a village that had been without food for several days.
  • People aren't starving here in Trujillo, but the food is running out. Our workers have asked for food and gas for the "chimbo" to cook at their homes. We have plenty of food here, though the kids are getting a little tired of soup. The bank is out of money and in general people don't have money to buy what food there is because no one has been working. Even with all the uncertainty, the happy-go-lucky Honduran spirit still shows. Most people don't appear concerned about the future.


Sue said...

Sara and All,

Thanks for keeping us updated. We are praying for you and all in Honduras here in Seattle on a daily basis.
I will add prayers that the route to Tocoa (and SPS) will be passable when you are ready to go.
God bless you for the work you are doing for His glory.

Sue Calhoun

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

We are praying for your safe travels to SPS and 'home' for your furlough. We hope to touch base with you while you are in the states! So when you get here email when you have a chance

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
Thanks so much for the updates! You are in our prayers. Carolee brought us up to date at last night's WOW! Service. We are so looking forward to having you back here for awhile. See you soon.
Ray Pouliot

Jayna said...

thanks for the update. Glad you found a new route!
It's so convicting to hear that the people there aren't worried about the future. What a challenge to my dry&warm/well-fed/gainfully employed self!!
This weekend is the youth group's 30 Hour Famine - we'll all go 30 hours without food to help raise money and awareness to end world hunger ( Last year Brian spoke with anticipation about your mission to Honduras. It's encouraging to see, a year later, how God has used your family there. We'll be keeping you, and the people of Honduras, in our thoughts and prayers!

God bless,

Joe Franzetti said...

Hi Sara and all,

Members from our church in LIttle Rock, Arkansas have been coming to the Trujillo area for the past twelve years. We have been following the current flooding events via your blog with great interest, praying that you and our many Honduran friends are ok.

From your recent blog, you mentioned that you are working with Hector... he is likely the same Hector who makes our yearly missionary trip run so smoothly. Tell him hello and that help from his CTK family is on the way!

Sara, is it possible to get an email address from you? There are times it would be easier to send/receive info via email than thru a blog. If so, could you send a short note to my email address:
If it's ok, I will pass it along to our mission director (Sandee) who was due to come to Trujillo this week on the advance mission preparation trip.

Thank you so much... may God bless all of you and keep you safe... we will keep the prayers coming.

Joe Franzetti