Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Real Missionary

This week I have felt like a real missionary. Besides Carlos's saga, we've had someone on our doorstep most mornings very early and people needing something several evenings, until it's quite late. Two of the kids Little Hands regularly helps were in and out of the hospital this week. We had a few nights of keeping thier siblings here while mom was at the hospital with the sick child. The cars continue to die and need to have various parts revived...sometimes it a flat tire or the battery or who know's what. A neighborhood child has been here almost every day to have us docotor his boils. He had one the size of a golf ball. I pestered a doctor friend in the states to tell me how to drain and dress it and how to convince a mother that she needs to use a spacer with her child's inhaler for it to do any good. We spent one morning at the beach with two children who had never been there even though they live only a few miles away. Thier handicaps didn't stop them from enjoying the sand and water. We welcomed back fellow missionaries who have become dear friends because they understand what life here means. We are struggling again trying to get a plan for renewing our visas before our time is up. Even though we were told the renual last time would be good for three months, it's actually one month and by the time they finally got our passports and visas back to us, we didn't have alot of time left. So, we are looking into a trip to Belize next week. A prospect I'm not looking forward to with four little people to tag along. all we are exhausted...and blessed. By the sweet smiles of thankfulness. By knowing that someone will have seen a little of Jesus. By the relationships that are starting to grow with the people here. (The boil boy brought me a bag of mangos to pay for my doctoring services.) We hit the pillow at night to tired to talk, but happy that it looks like a child we are learning to love will be alright after all. This is a crazy is a mix of things that tear my heart and things that fill it up again. I don't think we'll ever be the same.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, et al. It is so good to hear from "real missionaries"...ha! You have been missionaries in heart and soul for a long time, it is only now that God has revealed the true purpose for your existence in Trujillo. May the Lord continue to bless and guide your words, hands, and feet. Have a safe trip to Belize. We will pray for you! In the love of Jesus, Mark and Brenda

Menards said...

Hello my dear friend! Your words of honesty, faith and growth in this amazing adventure the Lord has for you are beautiful! I just spent some time catching up on your lives since I haven't been following your blog. I have been missing so much!! I'm continuously praying for you all! We miss you so much, yet are so excited to see all the ways the Lord is using you there. Can I humbly admit that when reading posts I was wishing we were there with you?? (Umm, not the insectos or scorpion one though ;)

I'm praying your visas get worked out soon. A trip to Belize does sound stressful, but think what memories come from the unexpected, right??

Janel said...

I'm glad to hear that you finally feel like you're doing "real" missionary work. I understand that feeling. :)

I'm glad to hear that Carlos is better.