Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pray for Brandon

Some of you know Myra, the cook for Little Hands. Today her four year-old son, Brandon fell and broke his arm. Alissa sat with them for hours at the local hospital and they were only able to splint it here. She is to go to La Ceba, a three hours drive away and be there at five tomorrow morning so they can start standing in line, waiting to see a doctor. I looked at the x-ray and I think its broken at the elbow with a small piece of bone completely separated. I have not been impressed with what little we've seen of the local hospital and I'm assuming they will have to put him out to set this so that is why he has to go to the bigger city hospital. Brian will take them to the bus stop in the middle of the night. We also have another mother and child staying here tonight to catch a ride to the hospital at 5:00am. They live quite a distance from here and cannot get a bus to Trujillo early enough to start standing in line at the hospital. It looks like a long night. Please pray for comfort for Brandon and peace for Myra. Thanks!! When I know more I'll keep you posted!


Kelly & Cyle said...

Thank you for the news on Brandon. How is Maybeline?

Jayna said...

We're praying for Brandon. Thanks for all the recent updates on your blog!