Thursday, September 2, 2010

Due Day

The meals are in the freezer, the baby things are washed and ready, the house is clean (more or less...) What to do on THE DUE DATE except mope around and wonder if labor will ever start? Go to the beach of course! Brian's work canceled for the day, it was to be a record heat wave, and most beaches should be relatively uncrowded since school is back in session and most people are at work. Actually, it was surprisingly busy the places we passed, but we found plenty of room at the state park we ended up at.

I figured it was a pretty good plan to do all the work and packing to get to the beach because surely I would go into labor and we would have to rush back home...

Well, instead of rushing back home to have a baby, we spent a leisurely day enjoying the big waves and slightly warmer than normal water.
Posted by PicasaBrian and I looked through name books and still did not settle on the perfect name for this little one. Maybe that is the hold up, the reason she isn't here yet. You can all pray that we decide on something soon!


Amy said...

I was thinking your due date was tomorrow! Looks like a perfect day! Sorry for your wait. You look Lovely ~

Can't wait to see you and hold your sweet baby girl! At this point, it looks like she may arrive before I do.

Love you lots ~

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great day at the beach, a good way to spend the time as you await the impending arrival. Thinking of and praying for you all.
Your friends in Australia

Tracy said...

Fun!! We almost went to the beach too. (we wimped out b/c of the heat though)

This will be the longest part of your pregnance for sure! Praying with you as you wait. :)

DebW said...

Perhaps she will arrive with the hurricane?
Prayers for a smooth & healthy arrival.


Janel said...

I thought it was about that time. We've been praying for you.

I've been meaning to pop over, but I misplaced your contact info to call.

Please email me if you get bored. ; )


Laura said...

So excited that your little one is coming any day now! Praying for a beautiful delivery. Can't wait to hear the news that she is here.


Macki said...

So glad to see you and the family having some fun! Everyday I pray several times for you and the babe. Tess and I hope that you and Brian have the sweetest easy birth. I can imagine your faces when you see your new daughter!!We all love her already.
Let us know!!
Love and prayers,

Jenny (Kozora) McManus said...

You look just beautiful! I still remember the day you told me you were pregnant with your first baby! I am praying that you have (or had) a wonderful, peaceful birth and babymoon.

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Guessing she's here by now. Can't wait to see pictures and hear the name. We're having that same struggle...oh did I tell you we're pregnant?? :-) Well we are. Just couldn't let you guys have all the fun?? ha ha!!!

Love you all and just can't wait to meet your newest addition!!! Please post your 'spare' time.

Kelly said...

Heard the baby has arrived? Details? Pictures? How's Mom? Rest of family? We'll be in Trujillo within a couple weeks...wish we could see you.