Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful for Protection

Today, while the kids were playing/cleaning up the back yard, the gale force winds blew a tree down. They heard it cracking and ran, but Faith ran the wrong way and when the tree came crashing down, she was within a few feet of it. We are praising God for His protection!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life Moves On

I've given up trying to somehow convey what's like to transition back into life here...I am done trying to bridge the gap between life in Honduras and life here. Not that we are forgetting and leaving that all behind. There are still lots of times that being here/home is just weird and when I see the pictures from when we lived there, it catches me off guard with how I miss this or that and just have a raw feeling of uncomfortableness.
But life does move on...and I am enjoying parts of that too. It's SPRING! I haven't see spring for two years. I haven't started seeds or planted a garden or weeded my flower beds. I truly am enjoying every flower and bud.
I am finally getting some energy back after being stuck on the couch or in bed for most of the past four plus months with morning sickness. A new baby, a new baby girl on the way is a major life change, but one I am so happy about! And glad to be experiencing it here instead of in Honduras! It's been six years since we had a baby in the house...the kids are so much more grown up this time and really excited too. Rachel has been praying for a baby for years and is thrilled to that it's a girl.
Gumpy, Brian's dad came home from the rehab hospital about a month ago. He is ok, not as energetic as in the past, but happy to be back in his own place with his "child bride". Mom is doing a great job taking care of him. They have some help with visiting nurses and therapists. Dad isn't able to move much at all or sit up on his own. He spends many afternoons out on the deck where our kids can visit him and eat Popsicles that Grammie always has on hand. It's good to be close by again.
Brian is working construction and just in the past month finally has steady work. He comes home tired and not loving this job, but very thankful for the work. He is co-leading the mission team at our church and is still actively involved in communication with Maybelline and Jeffery and all the goings on at Little Hands. He took a two week trip back to Trujillo in March. It was a great time of reuniting with the people we love there. He came home wishing he could have stayed longer. I think it is harder for him to be back here than it is for the rest of the family. (Though the kids, even the ones who wanted to come home, frequently ask, WHEN can we go back?) But he can see that God has us here for now. I think it is very likely, almost certain that someday we will end up back on the mission field in some form. But for now, this is ok.
So... life is marching on. There are good and bad things about this stage...true of every stage and part of life, I think. Life is hard, and rewarding, and God is good.