Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thank You!

I am making this a separate post because I want you all to take notice out there. I just wanted to say thanks for all the comments and encouraging words you have left on this blog for us. It was really cool to hear from alot of people that we haven't even see in years. I'm so thankful for this technology that allows us to communicate with so many of you on a regular basis. Please know that we always read your comments and they are a big encouragement to us. Sometimes we are so focused on the here and now, that we forget to look at the bigger picture of what God is doing here. There have been many times you had written something that really reminded me to look back and reflect on what He has done and is doing and be thankful for that instead of worrying about/working on the problem at hand. There never is a dull moment here and it seems that life is a constant battle. But when I step back and look at the experience as a whole, I can see more of the great pattern that He is weaving. So...thanks for being an encouragement for us. May He richly bless you all!

Group #2

Tomorrow our second group will arrive, Lord willing. Jeffery and Brian left early Wednesday morning for San Pedro Sula to buy supplies and pick up the group. They will spend the night half way here at Hotel Canadian, which will be their last bit of civilization before they get to Trujillo, the end of the road. They'll enjoy air conditioning and hot showers. They won't get to experience those again until they return to SPS in ten days. We are almost ready for their arrival and we are really looking forward to them being here. The kids are especially excited! Jonathan said something today about being glad to talk to some civilized people after being surrounded by savages! But seriously, being around people from home really is a big boost for all of us. I know the kids are going to eat up every minute of time they can spend with them. I'll do my best to post something everyday so you can all see how things are going. Hopefully, I'll be able to post pictures too, but lately I've had a hard time getting those to upload. Pray that this time will be a great experience for everyone involved.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Leaf Cutter Ants, by Jonathan

Leaf cutter ants are a great example of God's creation. First, the ants use their powerful jaws to cut leaves into penny sized pieces. Then they pick up the pieces and with their jaws and hold them straight up and down and carry them to their nest. In the nest, they put them in a room where the leaves grow a special fungus that is the ants' food. And when the leaves turn brown, the ants carry them out and make a compost pile. Here in Honduras, we often see leaf cutter ants going up and down trees and making long lines back to their nests in the ground. When I see them I think of how amazing God's creation is.

(Jonathan wrote this for school and my sister Amy took some amazing photos of the ants when she was here. Click on the picture for an incredible close up.)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Maybelline & Co.


Here is Carlos on my lap. I got to meet him in person for the first time yesterday. He continues to slowly gain weight. We gave his nursing mom vitamins to help ensure that he is getting the nutrients he needs. She and the dad are very thankful that thier son is doing better and they are hopeful that he will continue to grow stronger every day.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Our trip to Florida went well. Getting there we traveled five hours on the bus, spent six hours waiting in the airport, flew for two hours, and caught the shuttle to the hotel for some badly needed rest. Brian's parents flew in later that morning. It was SO good to see family again. We had a wonderful two and a half days with them. The kids spent hours in the hotel pool. Brian and I spent a good part of Wednesday doing some shopping. We had smores in our hotel room, a very sticky messy treat! Thursday morning we went to the beach. The Florida coast water felt cold to us, being used to the Carribean and warm to Brian's parents, being used to frigid New Hanpshire. The waves were a hit with Jonathan since usually its very calm here in the bay. We laughed and talked about old times. Did I mention that it was great to be together?
The trip back here was long. We reversed the traveling schedule from the way there except throw in a few more hours here and there. We spent the night in the airport. The pillows we had lugged all the way to Florida and back came in handy as everyone, but Brian zonked out on the hard metal chairs. We caught a bus back to Trujillo, an experience I hope we forget soon! It was so good to finally get off seven hours later at the bottom of the drive here. Every one was happy to see us and we them. The kids were real troupers; I was proud of them for trying hard not to complain and patiently waiting all the times we had to stand in long lines. We ate lunch and then Brian went to sleep. He didn't wake up until the next morning!
So, we enjoyed time with family back in the states, we have another "traveling with the kids" experience under our belts, and our visas were renewed for another ninety days. We appreciate all your prayers for safety and endurance on our behalf.

Things that we got to do it Florida that we don't get to do here:

  • Spend time with Grammie and Gumpy

  • Brush our teeth with tap water

  • Talk to the mounted police officers at the beach and tell them how much we appreciate our American police force

  • Shop at Wal-mart!

  • Speak and hear English

  • The kids got to soak in a "huge tub with water that won't make you sick!"

  • Sit at Burger King without being stared at. Andrew didn't have to put up with having every one that walked by, touching his hair and saying he is "lindo" (cute)!

  • Use a washer and dryer!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jack and Maybelline are Home

This morning Jack and Maybelline came home, where she will will get much better care than at the hospital. She is doing much better, still sore, but able to get up and walk. Her mother will be staying with them for at least the next week. Maybelline says thank you for all of your prayers; she felt like God was right there with her. And now mother and baby are doing great!