Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Few Prayer Requests

Sorry it's been slim reading here lately. Our Internet service has improved very slightly. We are still looking into other options. Things are busy here, as always. This weekend Little Hands is hosting a youth retreat. Brian is the main speaker. This has been a challenge because of his limited Spanish, but he has done really well. Pray for him. He has been fighting the chest cold I lovingly shared with him. He was miserable tonight and didn't think his lesson came off as good because his head is to foggy for all the mental strain of speaking in Spanish. Pray that he rests well tonight and that this doesn't turn into Strep. When his immune system is down, that often is the result.
We haven't had any more contact with Baby Carlos and his mom as they were forced to move away. Their village saw some terrible violence and 13 people were killed. Many people have left until things simmer down. Pray for the village of Guadalupe and our missionary friends who still work there. We are far enough removed that we don't fear for our safety, but we are concerned for the innocent villagers and our fellow missionaries.
On the home front, Jonathan and I discovered a new kind of critter in our living quarters tonight. A tiny tree frog was soaking himself in the tray under our pure water spigot. We've had alot of other creatures, but this was something new and less repulsive than some things we've experienced. He was actually kind of cute!
Thanks for your prayers!