Thursday, November 5, 2009

No More Interent and Tropical Storm Ida

It looks like we will be out of internet service indefinately becuase of a nearby lightning strike. I'm disappointed because, besides wanting to document more of our last days here, I was hoping to help Maybelline get a new blog established for Little Hands to use. We actually had been working on it right up until the interent went out. We're hoping to get that up and running eventually, but without a way to get online here at the compound, that isn't likely to happen soon.
We're planning for a wet weekend as Tropical Storm Ida is supposed to be paying northern Honduras a visit. We're hoping for a quick get together without to much heavy rain and the flooding that is sure to result!
Our family is packing and getting ready for the long trip home in a week and half. These days are turning into a busy blur. Pray for us. So many things to do and people to see and say good bye to. It is a taxing time for all of us. I may not write again until we are stateside, but hope to post some pictures then also.

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