Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Hate "Goodbye"

Yesterday and today we visited several Little Hands families for the last time. We had bags of hand-me-down clothes from our kids and other things. We gave each family our photo, a treasured gift here. It is hard to wrap our brains around the fact that this is it...we're saying goodbye for at least a long time...hopefully not forever! But part of my mind can grasp it becuase I can't stop crying. So many dear faces that we will miss and remember the times we've spent together! So many little people that we have prayed and worried over and tried our best to help. I pray that the next time I see them, they will be taller and healthier and have thier hearts full of Jesus!
We have two more days here in Trujillo. We are finishing the packing and trying to take care of a million things while we try to squeeze in times to say good bye to everyone. I hate this part! But since there is so much to do, the time is going by fast! Pray that we will be ready early Sunday morning when the time comes to pull out. Pray that in our sadness, that we can rejoice and be thankful for the friends we have here.


Laura said...

Absolutely praying for you in your goodbyes! I'm so wishing I could say 'hello' before you head out.

May your last hours be a sweet reminder of God's love for these people and for your family. He is good in all things!

In Christ,

Janel said...



The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

I'm crying with you....really. I love you, we're praying as you transition. We miss you all SO much! Pretty sure I'm asked about once a week "Mommy when will we see the Bilodeau's again?" :-)
You all very loved!!

Jayna said...

We're praying for you as you say good bye and travel back to the states. We visited Cheyne's parents in PA last weekend and it was sooooo difficult to say good bye to them. Reading your post makes me think 6 hrs isn't so far afterall. Take care!

God bless,

Amy said...

You have all been in our thoughts and prayers through this agonizing time. I have no doubt You will be missed as much as you miss them.

Can't wait to say, HELLO! :-*

so much love ~

Kelly said...

God bless your transition...and if you have reason to come to the Seattle area, please let us know so we can give you hugs in person!

Jim said...

Hey guys! I didn't plan on you disappearing in to thin air... I sent you an email, but not sure if you received it or not. I will be going to Trujillo the 14th - 21st but after I return please call me or give me a number where I can reach you. I really miss you and hope we can meet up somewhere along the way in the USA. Jim

Heather Manka said...

Hey Bilodeau family, I miss you guys so much! I hope all is well for you in the states. I am in need of some of Sarahs muffins haha. I am leaving to guatemala on the 10th and i am hoping that we can stay in touch, i would like to send you a postcard. My email is
Thank you for a great experience in Honduras,