Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rough Seas

A few days ago, it was terribly windy and we went down to the beach to check out the surf. There were waves! If you have been here, you know that the bay is usually very calm. Not so on this day!
The wind and rain are COLD! I know we are going to have a major weather change to get used to when we get home since they have already had snow in NH. But as you can see here, even this tropical storm wind and rain feels freezing to us!
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Amy said...

haha, so cute, they do look froze!

When you get back, we'll give you lots of hugs so that you won't freeze!

Amy said...

:-) I clicked on the picture of your family and Andrew has the most adorable expression. Please kiss his cheeks for me :-)

Linda J. said...

Any time you want to feel the "freezing" water of the Gulf of Mexico, come on down to Alabama. We are not quite as warm as Honduras, but definitely welcoming! This side of it, two years seems so short. Praise God for the work He has been doing there! I am amazed at the changes that have taken place in those two short years!

lori said...

Remember the first time y'all came up to the house on the hill? The wind was so strong and we were all cold! Wrapping up in beach towels and whatever we could find!