Monday, October 5, 2009

Washington Group

The group from Washington state arrived on Friday at noon. They traveled safely with no problems due to the present political situation. We are excited to have them here and looking forward to this coming week that we will spend together.

Here is the part of the group posing with our kids at the fort during the "town tour".

Sunday morning we attended Limonal Church of Christ and after the service split into groups to visit and share lunch with the church families.

This morning we did our first medical clinic way out in Santa Fe. In five hours sixty patients saw the doctor and received appropriate medicines or other help such as nebulizer treatments. There were also activities for the children and people available to pray for/with anyone who wanted to.

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During the clinic, we met Genisy. She is ten months old and is unable to sit or grasp objects. Her head is very enlarged. We hope to find a pediatric neurosurgeon to help diagnose what the problem is and get us started on a plan to help this sweet baby. Please pray that Little Hands will be able to make a difference in her life and that her mother would see how very much Jesus loves and cares for all His children.


Amy said...

Whew, sounds like a whirlwind trip! Little Ginsey has such an adorable smile!!

The Pratt Family said...

Did you ever find any help for Ginsey?