Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Satellite Up and Running! (and more of Sara's rambling!)

Right before our trip to renew our visas, Brian finally got the satellite installed. That is another story all in itself that I will have to tell later. And last night he was able to get the cable run to our house so we can use it here too. So now, no more excuses about no posts because of a bad Internet connection. I won't promise to write any more regularly. I would really like to, but I am learning that outside of God's promises in His word, there isn't much that we can really count on in this world. Especially here in Honduras...I can't even be sure that I'll have electricity to run this thing tomorrow or that the house will still be standing!

My case in point...this morning Faith woke us up saying she couldn't get to the bathroom because there was water on the floor. I sat up and put my feet down. Yep, we were flooded again. There was 2-3 inches of water all over the house, all three rooms of it. The supply line on the toilet had broken in the night and while we slept the house filled with water. It was actually running out onto the porch under the doors. Most of our belongings are stored in plastic totes so most things were not wet, but since we had just returned from a trip all the suitcases were on the floor and a lot of dirty clothes. We also had several books and shoes that were totally soaked. The shoes I can live without, but the books make me sad! We cut the pages off the spine and laid them out to dry. I'll put them in plastic pages later. We spent all day sweeping water out the doors and laying stuff out in the sun to dry or hanging things up on the extra lines Brian put up. All the floors are sunken in the middle so the water pools there and has to be swept up over the hump and out onto the porch. We're exhausted tonight, but things are pretty dry and most things cleaned up. So as I was saying...this was not the plan for today, but we are learning to be flexible and go with the flow...yes pun intended!
And I am counting my blessings today too because with all the cleaning up going on, Brian was able to fix the microwave/toaster that has been out of commission since we got here in Feb. Wahoo! I am thrilled to have that up and running again. God is good.

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Kelly said...

I heard there was an earthquake in Honduras early this morning. Did you feel it? Are you and the others there being helped by LHBH okay?