Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shaken, but Not Stirred

This morning at about 2:30 am, Brian and I woke up. Some one was rattling the door next to our bed, making a terrible noise. Now they were shaking our bed too. What IS that? We both were instantly awake. Brian got up and started turning the fan and AC off so we could hear better and figure out what was going on. The noise and shaking seem to come in waves. Finally it stopped all together. Rachel called from her bed, "Jonathan...what is that shaking the house?" We realized it was an earth quake. How weird! And unnerving! I turned the computer on and looked up recent earthquakes in Honduras. Sure enough there had been one just off shore of Roatan, an island north-west of us. It measured 7.1 in the scale. We searched some more and saw that there was a tsunami warning for Trujillo. Jonathan was up and so the three of us prayed for protection. We weren't very afraid for us because we are on high ground, but we were concerned for our friends who live on the beach. After a bit of searching we learned that if a wave was coming it wouldn't get here until later this morning and there wasn't anything else we could do so went back to sleep.
This morning we learned that at least on person was killed when their house collapsed and a big bridge in Progresso , which is near SPS is out. One of our workers, Roxanna, said her house has one wall that is cracked. It is hard for me to believe that it could be that big of a quake and not do much damage. We are thankful for that and not to stirred up about it since we know that God is in control.


Kelly said...

Thanks for the update, Sara! I was wondering you had faired. I'll be curious about the other members of the community and LHBH families once those impacts are evaluated. Hugs to you all!

Susan Long said...

Thanks for posting so quickly...glad to hear you are all OK. Gee, floods one night, earthquakes the next....

Our prayers continue!!

Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

You do not know me I am writng from Vancouver,BC Canada. I recently heard about the earthquake came across your blog and am glad to hear everyone is ok.
I write to you wondering how you feel and also how the locals feel about all the new development in Trujilla that will commence in the up coming years??

I would also like to add that you and your family are an inspiration to many.

God Bless