Sunday, May 10, 2009

Poem for Mother's Day

Jonathan handed me a handmade card which said to read the following poem aloud to the family:

Thank You
Thank you for washing my clothes every day,
And cooking my meals without any pay.
Thank you for washing all of the dishes,
And tending to all of our many wishes.
Thank you for doing a good job with our school,
Even though sometimes I act like a fool.
Thank you for living through your many toils,
Like fixing burns and squeezing our boils.
So we'll double your salary in hopes that you'll stay,
And all of us wish you a very
Happy Mother's Day!
by Jonathan with a little help from Daddy and Rachel
Yes, I read it out loud. And yes, I cried. And yes, I will keep it forever.


Janel said...

aaaah Love those.

I found out yesterday that I lead a secret life as a ninja. Who knew? Not me! lol


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Oh I love it! They did a great job! What a treasure!!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! I hope you had a wonderful day with your wonderful family! We miss y'all bunches!!!

Susan Long said...

I kept looking for an update on your blog, and boy was it worth the wait! Tony and I had a great laugh with that one! Jonathan did a fantastic job. Looking forward to seeing you all when you are home.

Love to all,


Sarah Earnhart said...

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Smiling for Jesus,
Sarah Beth

j said...

Sara, that is so precious! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...


Amy said...

So Precious! Makes me cry too :-)