Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Day for Eyes!

Yesterday, Brian and Jeffery took a truck load of people to Tocoa, the next town over, about a 45 minute drive now that some of the cavernous potholes are filled.
Norma is a widow from church. She attends the sewing classes here, but has a difficult time because her eye sight is so bad. We were able to take her to a clinic, have her eyes examined, and buy a pair of sturdy glasses that should last her a long time.
Jenny is a Little Hands teen. We have been looking after her for a number of years. She had tumors behind her eyes that disfigure them and make it difficult for her to see. Jeffery made a connection with an upscale eye doctor from La Ceiba, a major city, who is willing to make a special contact for Jenny that will change the odd appearance of her eye, making it look more normal. Yesterday they were able to fit her for the contact which the doctor is making for one tenth of the normal cost.
Monday while working on the trucks, Brian got a piece of rusty metal in his eye. That night we tried to get it out, but it was firmly stuck into his eyeball. Yesterday, at the clinic where they took Norma, the optometrist, looked at his eye, but could not remove the particle. She drove him over to a doctor friend across town. This doctor was able to remove it, much to our relief. In the process, he was able to share why we are here and what we are doing. Each of these doctors expressed an interest in helping Little Hands in the future, and didn't charge a fee for helping Brian! Once again, we are thankful for His perfect timing!


Carolee/Steve said...

God is Good! Praise Him for the great contacts that you made in Tacoa and for Bri getting the metal out of his eye. Two weeks from today and I will be on my way to see you all!!! I can't wait!

John said...

Ooooh, rusty metal and old trucks! :-P So glad the Lord worked on your behalf, Brian. :-) Glad to hear of the Lord's blessing on all y'all and your work. Many blessings to ya!

Jayna said...

Wow, Sara! I'm glad Brian is ok! I'm glad the "silver lining" is that he was able to make some good connections with doctor's who are willing to help Little Hands. Thanks for all the updates. We love them.

God bless,