Saturday, September 13, 2008

Alexandra Update #2

Yesterday Alexandra's surgery went well. They were able to remove the large tumor in her armpit. The smaller ones on her arm and fingers will be dealt with later. As far as we know she is doing well and will be able to come home soon. Thanks for all your prayers for this little girl and her family. Please continue to pray that the miraculous way that the God worked this all out would be a testimony of His great love for them.


Jayna said...

Hi Sara!
This is attempt #2 of leaving you a post, so I apologize if you get duplicates.
Thanks for the update on Alexandra. It is wonderful to hear her surgery went well. We'll continue to keep her and her family in prayer.
I loved seeing the picture from El Dia del Nino. It is so precious to see the faces of those you're sharing God's love with. Keep up the wonderful work.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Hi Bilodeau's! Sorry I missed seeing you when you were at Riverside CC (I was sick that Sunday). I am praying for all of you and for Alexandra and her parents. I know God will use you in a powerful way. Thank you for keeping us posted of everything. God bless...Pam Desilets

Jessica said...
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christy from RBC said...

Hi guys! Praise God for all He is doing. I seem to see a theme that you guys get sick. I'll be praying for your health to remain good. The tiny frogs sounds like a welcome guest compared to some of the other things you must be finding!