Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Things Work Together for Good

The last time we took our clothes to the now familiar laundry mat, Brian talked to the owner,Ruth about what we are doing here. She is quite educated, unusual for Trujillo, and has a daughter with Down's Sydrome. She studied in Teguc, the capital and has a wealth of information and books on special needs children that she wants to share with us. This morning, she came out to the FDC to meet with Roxana and Susana, who has some very unusal and difficult to manage needs. Ruth is very willing and ready to share her insight and experience with our team.
Isn't it neat that in the midst of the rain and flooding, God can use even that to work out good for His children? If it hadn't rained many days? I quit counting, it's been a loooong time! We wouldn't be having such a hard time getting our clothes dry and we wouldn't have been using the laundry mat. But becuase we needed to get our clothes clean and dry, we met this lady. She has been in Trujiillo for years and never had been connected with anyone here. She didn't know that Little Hands existed! Now, we have a great resource right in our town! This confirms to me that God is at work here and that there is more going on than just us struggling through the rain and all the trouble as a result of the above average and early to start rainy season. Isn't God good?


Susan Long said...

Sara, You and your family have grown so much in your faith. What a joy to see how you recognize God's mighty hand at work in the midst of such trying times. He has you in His hands and He has a good work all laid out for you. Our prayers for you are constant and we are looking forward to seeing you soon. Love to all, Susan

Anonymous said...

Dear Sara and Brian and family: You are definitely in our thoughts and prayers during this time, as well as the people of Honduras! May God use these circumstances to open the hearts of the people towards Him and may He use you to meet their needs. You can only do so much; God will do the rest. Love from NH...Pam Desilets