Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Leaf Cutter Ants, by Jonathan

Leaf cutter ants are a great example of God's creation. First, the ants use their powerful jaws to cut leaves into penny sized pieces. Then they pick up the pieces and with their jaws and hold them straight up and down and carry them to their nest. In the nest, they put them in a room where the leaves grow a special fungus that is the ants' food. And when the leaves turn brown, the ants carry them out and make a compost pile. Here in Honduras, we often see leaf cutter ants going up and down trees and making long lines back to their nests in the ground. When I see them I think of how amazing God's creation is.

(Jonathan wrote this for school and my sister Amy took some amazing photos of the ants when she was here. Click on the picture for an incredible close up.)


Carolee/Steve said...

Great Job Jonathan!! I love watching those ants! It's amazing how they carry those big pieces of leaves!
Thank you for sharing. I hope you are doing well. I miss all of you guys. Please say hi to Rachael, Faith and Andrew for me.
I plan to come visit you all in October and I can't wait!!
love Carolee

Jayna said...


I love your report! I didn't know they created a compost pile. That is so cool! I'll think of that next time I add something to my compost pile...although whatever I add won't be bigger than I am (like the leaves are to the aunts). Thanks for sharing!

We miss seeing you at church but hope you are having fun in Honduras!


The picture your aunt took of the ants is amazing!