Monday, June 9, 2008


Our trip to Florida went well. Getting there we traveled five hours on the bus, spent six hours waiting in the airport, flew for two hours, and caught the shuttle to the hotel for some badly needed rest. Brian's parents flew in later that morning. It was SO good to see family again. We had a wonderful two and a half days with them. The kids spent hours in the hotel pool. Brian and I spent a good part of Wednesday doing some shopping. We had smores in our hotel room, a very sticky messy treat! Thursday morning we went to the beach. The Florida coast water felt cold to us, being used to the Carribean and warm to Brian's parents, being used to frigid New Hanpshire. The waves were a hit with Jonathan since usually its very calm here in the bay. We laughed and talked about old times. Did I mention that it was great to be together?
The trip back here was long. We reversed the traveling schedule from the way there except throw in a few more hours here and there. We spent the night in the airport. The pillows we had lugged all the way to Florida and back came in handy as everyone, but Brian zonked out on the hard metal chairs. We caught a bus back to Trujillo, an experience I hope we forget soon! It was so good to finally get off seven hours later at the bottom of the drive here. Every one was happy to see us and we them. The kids were real troupers; I was proud of them for trying hard not to complain and patiently waiting all the times we had to stand in long lines. We ate lunch and then Brian went to sleep. He didn't wake up until the next morning!
So, we enjoyed time with family back in the states, we have another "traveling with the kids" experience under our belts, and our visas were renewed for another ninety days. We appreciate all your prayers for safety and endurance on our behalf.

Things that we got to do it Florida that we don't get to do here:

  • Spend time with Grammie and Gumpy

  • Brush our teeth with tap water

  • Talk to the mounted police officers at the beach and tell them how much we appreciate our American police force

  • Shop at Wal-mart!

  • Speak and hear English

  • The kids got to soak in a "huge tub with water that won't make you sick!"

  • Sit at Burger King without being stared at. Andrew didn't have to put up with having every one that walked by, touching his hair and saying he is "lindo" (cute)!

  • Use a washer and dryer!


John said...

So glad you got to have a taste of the US again! Wish we could have visited with you all... I guess that is for the future. :-) Blessings your way!

Janel said...

I'm glad you had such a terrific time. :) I'll bet Brian's parents where thrilled to see you all.

If you're still reading my blog, I think you might really enjoy tomorrow's post (6-12-08)about a certain sewing machine. I think you'll smile and say YEAH GOD! :)


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