Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pray for Baby Jonathan!

This little baby needs a miracle! When they arrived in SPS, there were no incubators available to put him in. They gave the mother a tank of oxygen and a mask and told her to hold it over his face. That was yesterday...apparently now there is a team of doctors who are trying to help, but they are giving no hope for survival. Jonathan is now in a coma in ICU.
We are feeling helpless because no one from Little Hands is there pushing the medical staff to give their best effort. Our contact person there in the city is out of the country. It is likely that without someone to speak for them, Jonathan and his poor, uneducated mom will be brushed aside. We were able to contact another Christian friend in SPS and he is asking his pastor to go and be with Jonathan's mom.
Please, please pray for Baby Jonathan! Pray for a miracle that will obviously be God's hand at work! Pray that the doctors will be amazed! Please spread the word to your friends and churches and ask people to cover this baby in prayer.


Anonymous said...

Am praying for baby Jonathan and your children to get well! God is good and He is watching over all of you...Pam D. in NH

Jayna said...

Sara, i just read about baby Jonathan in the email Ray sent out. As i hold my newborn son in my arms my heart breaks for Jonathan and his mom. i'm praying fervently that God will provide another miracle just as he provided the money needed. Thank you for sharing. Please keep us updated.

jayna and baby johnny