Saturday, August 1, 2009

Udate on Rosa

Last night, at the hospital, they told Brian that Rosa is better. She has not had any more seizures. They wanted to keep her for 24 hours for observation, but then would release her. This morning, they are still saying that Rosa is ok, but they want to do a blood test before they send her home. That is about the extent of the technology they have here in Trujillo for running any tests. A doctor friend in the states says, the seizure from yesterday may have caused brain damage because it lasted for so long. And all the tests that need to be done to determine the cause or how to proceed from here are not available here, maybe not even in the big city. So, the prognosis doesn't look good. Please continue to pray for Rosa.


Amy said...

Thank you so much for posting this update. So, so sad to think of the damage done.

Lots of Love ~

Jayna said...
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