Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Medical Team from Mississippi

Last week we spent most of our time working with a group that came to work at the Christian School. Their team consisted of one doctor, several pharmacists, and a dentists with his helpers. The did two clinics out at the Mission Del Caribe church and the rest of the week was spent here in Trujillo. They saw hundreds of people and pulled a huge amount of teeth. Brian and I did some translating for them and helped with organizing and crowd control. The days that we weren't working at the clinic, we were carting the families that Little Hands works with on a regular basis, back and forth from their homes to the clinic. It was a very busy week. The stress of being off our regular schedule was hard on the kids, but at the same time they enjoyed a change of pace. Jonathan used his new found skills making small animals and baskets out of palm branches to entertain the children while they waited to see the doctor. The other kids pitched in when they could and loved spending time with the team. It was exciting to see our family be able to take part in all that was going on.
During his time, Brian developed a bad infection on his elbow. Eventually it had progressed to the point of needing to be surgically drained. We were so thankful that God brought this team here at just the right time to be available to take care of this medical need. Brian is still taking antibiotics and the wound continues to heal.

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Brad Crosswhite said...

Hey Brian and Sara!

Hope your arm is doing okay. Is is still healing? We miss you guys!